Price Matching: Does Bulkthreads really beat other prices?

April 26, 2018 3 min read

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Shopping online is the way of the present and future.  We do it because it's convenient, fast, easy, and cheap.  We don't have to drive all around town to check out five different stores for five different items--we can add all five of those items to one shopping cart in the privacy of our own homes, click "buy now," then go back to grilling hamburgers or watching the game.  As long as we're patient enough to wait for shipping, shopping couldn't be easier.  

It also couldn't be cheaper.  

Two great truisms about the way we do business in America is that the customer is right and a product is only worth what someone is willing to pay.  You, the customer, have every right to demand the best price.  We, the seller or manufacturer, have every right to set that price and negotiate down if we can.  As you know, it's economics 101--if we're selling a t-shirt for 5.00 and you think it's worth 4.50, you have the right to negotiate that lower price and we have the right to agree or refuse.  And if we refuse because, say, the wholesale t-shirt is already priced as low as we can go without losing money, you have the right to comparison shop. 

And this is where we at want you to know that our business plan is to sell as much as we can without losing our proverbial shirts.  

We want your business.  And we want to earn it. 

So, as we've said before, we're willing to beat, when we can, every time, any other price.  

Let's be honest: with the convenience of online shopping, there's no need to price match.  You can easily go to another website, hit "buy now," and wait for their quick shipping, more so, in fact, than reaching out to us here and waiting to see if we'll match.  

But we can price beat.  If you find a tee, tank, fleece, polo, sweatshirt, hat, or some other great wholesale apparel item on for, say, 5.00, and one of our competitors sells it for 4.50.  We won't just match that price--we'll beat it by as much as possible.  

All you have to do is email us and tell us what you're looking for, who sells it, and for what price.  We'll take the info to our bean counters and tell them we want your business. And we'll make every effort to please you.  

For example, if we're selling something like the Next Level 6010 for 6.99 and our competitors are willing to sell it for 6.50 after, say, 500, we're pretty confident that our automatic discounts will beat that price drop. But if it doesn't, and if you contact us, we'll look everything over and go as low as we can--not just to 6.49 (because let's be honest, .1 off isn't very enticing), but maybe 6.25, or 6.10, or even 5.99 if you buy a certain amount. 

Still not good enough?  Contact us again and tell us how much you're willing to buy.  Want 500 hundred shirts?  We can get you a better price.  Want 5000?  Now you're talking!  We can probably get you a price so good, you'll save thousands.  Yep, thousands. 

We at pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices from the get-go, and we know that high-pressure sales and negotiating tactics are about as fun as getting your teeth pulled without Novocain.  

That's not what we're about--we just want to hear from you. Found a better price?  Tell us.  We'll beat it.  And we'll beat it good, if we can.  

Because all we want is to sell bulk t-shirts to happy customers.  

Happy shopping!

The BT Team

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