Frequently Asked Questions

Who is is a wholesale provider of cheap tees and blank apparel from brands such as Anvil, Hanes, Jerzees, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Sport-Tek, Port Authority, and District. We started this company because we're folks who appreciate a good deal, and we think you do too.  

We currently have offices in multiple states, but we're eagerly anticipating a move to Dubai. Or Hawaii.  

Where do you get your products from? 

We've partnered directly with several manufacturers, such as Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, to offer you the best wholesale t-shirt prices on the best items, no questions asked. We've also partnered with international distribution centers and UPS to make sure your order arrives as quickly as possible. 

How long will it take to get my order? 

Most items ship within 1-2 business days and arrive within 2-3. Our partnerships give us access to more than 20 factories and distribution centers strategically located to deliver your t-shirts on time, every time.  

Do I have to buy "bulk"? Or can I just order one piece? 

Absolutely you can buy just one piece. Yes, most of our customers are buying in bulk for all their printing needs, but that doesn't mean you can't just snag a simple jacket, one pair of joggers, a single hat, or one of these babies to wear around the house. We love all our customers, whether you're buying 1000 tees or just 1. 

Do you allow returns? 

Simply put, yes. At we're passionate about providing quality customer service.  If anything is wrong with your order, or if you received a defective item, please contact us for a return merchandise authorization (RMA). 

If, however, you no longer want your item, please email us with your name, order number, and an explanation of why you no longer need or want the item.  

To be eligible for a non-defective return or exchange, your item must be 1). unused, 2). unwashed, and 3). unaltered (it must be blank--no embroidery or printing, etc). Make sure your item is in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in our original packaging.

Non-defective returns or exchanges may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.  

One exception: some of our items come directly from the mill--in those cases, the t-shirt or polo cannot be returned unless the item is damaged.  If you order one of these tees, we'll let you know of this policy change before we ship.  

Do I need a business or sales account to order from  

Nope. You just need a pulse. And a credit card.  We'll take care of the rest.   

How do I get ahold of you if I have questions or concerns? 

Typically, through our customer service email. For inquiries, we'll do our absolute best to respond within 1 business day.  

If you want to mail us, you can reach our mailbox at
51 West Center
Orem, Utah

Do you match prices?  

No. Why? Because we'll beat any price! Contact us with a legitimate price from any one of our competitors, then sit back and relax as we turn your case over to our financial bean counters (they don't like being called that, by the way), and do our absolute best to counter with a better offer.  

That's our promise to you--quality products at absolutely, positively unbeatable prices.  

Why was my order auto refunded?

From time to time our software flags orders as "high risk for fraud."  This can happen for many reasons, such as orders being made using proxy IP addresses or IP addresses far away from the shipping or billing address.  Many of these orders are perfectly legitimate--many are not.  If your order is flagged by our software, our company policy is to automatically refund it and send you a cancellation notice explaining why.  Please email us if you have specific questions. 

With screen printing or embroidery, do you have a "duff rate"? 

If you're new to custom print jobs, you probably haven't heard about "duff rates." Simply put, a "duff rate" is an industry standard for allowable duffs, or tees that don't print properly, hats that don't embroider properly, etc. Industry standard is 1-2%, meaning that if you print 100 tees, it's fair to expect that 1-2 of those tees won't be perfect--the print might be off center, the threads might be off design, and so forth. At, we're proud of our low duff rate: in 9/10 jobs, we're duff-free. 

However, we do have duffs from time to time because printing is just as much art as it is science. But here's our promise to you: we'll make it right. We won't send you 98 /100 tees and simply tell you to deal with it. Instead, we'll give you 2 options: 

1. We'll redo the duffs and send those as soon as we can. 


2. If time is a factor, we'll offer a refund. 

Most of our clients are stores selling t-shirts off the rack, so time isn't a factor and even though they ordered 100 tees, they're okay with taking a refund. But others are schools and families preparing for vacations and reunions, and one duff means one student or Grandma don't get their t-shirt. Again, we avoid duffs as much as we possibly can, but if you're a school ordering 100 tees for 100 students AND time is a factor, you might consider ordering 102 or 103 tees just in case. Best practice is simply ordering well in advance of the event or reunion so that any reprints can be easily scheduled without ruining your timeframe. 

Most of all, remember that at, we'll always make it right.