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At we're proud to offer Bella+Canvas, an environmentally conscious, fashion-oriented, high-quality producer of all things wholesale t-shirt.  In fact, Bella Canvas is one of our favorite brands--the tees are stylish, the material is soft, the styles are diverse and affordable, and the company doesn't cut corners.  

Let's look at each of these in a little more depth: 

1.  Stylish: all Bella Canvas T-Shirts are side seamed, which means exactly what it sounds like--a seam, or stitch, runs down the sides to give the tee a more tailored, fitted, or organic look. Just like any seam is meant to hold fabric together, side seams hold the t-shirt's shape; you don't have to worry about about stretching, twisting, or ballooning as much.  To boot, side seaming enhances a tee's fit.  Shirts that aren't side seamed take on a general, one-size-fits-all shape from the shoulders down (which is called a "tubular" shape), whereas side seamed tees work with your body's curves and shape, not against them.  

2.  Soft: Styles like the BC 3005 are made from Airlumed, 100% ringspun cotton.  The Airlume process involves "combing" out low-quality strands to ensure that only the highest-quality fibers, cleansed from impurities, make it into a weave.  Ringspun means that longer, thinner strands are woven into softer yarns.  So what are you getting?  Clean, soft cotton. A blank t-shirt made from cotton that's both durable and comfortable.

3. Diverse and Affordable: One of Bella Canvas's bestsellers is the 3001 (3001C and 3001U) because the style is everything you want in a t-shirt for printing: you're getting 100% rinspun cotton that will last and last (and feel great as well as look great), the retail stylishness of side seaming, and the general inclusivity of a unisex tee for less than $5.  Since Bella Canvas apparel uses high-quality dyes, the tee's colors won't fade as easily as many competitors', you'll be able to print effortlessly and efficiently, and you'll be able to offer your clientele retail-fit and finish without breaking the bank.  Add to that a whole host of colors options and you'll wonder how you lived without shirts like this.

4.  No cut corners:  High-energy dyes aren't cheap.  Side seaming isn't easy.  Producing most of your tees in the USA isn't as cost-effective as, oh, producing them in some other country in the Far East.  The processes for Airlumed, rinspun cotton aren't economical. Making multiple styles and oh-so-many colors available the world over isn't a walk in the park.  But Bella Canvas wholesale does it--all of it, because they want to prove to you that they have a superior product that's worth your hard-earned dollar.  

And we agree.  

That's why we're proud to offer Bella Canvas t-shirts at amazing prices, and why we're certain you won't regret buying them, whether you order a single 3001U or a thousand of these.

Hit us up if you have questions. We're more than happy to talk wholesale t-shirts and all things Bella Canvas, and we'll do whatever we can to earn your business because we want to be your provider of bulk t-shirts and blank tees for printing.  

Team BT

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