Next Level Apparel: Are Next Level Tees right for you?

July 13, 2018 2 min read

We at love the phrase "next level."  It's a common term around our offices--how can we, as a business, take things to the next level?  Or in our personal lives, are the sports teams we live and die by going to hit the next level this season? (Hint: probably not).  Or even more personally, how can we move this relationship or that romance to the next level? (Hint: chocolates.  And lots of backrubs) .  

See?  It's a good phrase. It usually means progress.  Goals.  Attaining a status previously unattained; accomplishing something previously not accomplished.  Doing something more.  

Which explains how we feel about Next Level Apparel. 

We at are proud to carry Next Level t-shirts and tank tops.  In fact, Next Level tees like the 6010 and tanks like the N1533 are some of our bestsellers. We wear them ourselves!


A quick reason is the price.  Like almost every tee, hoodie, or polo we sell, Next Level tees are priced in the $2, $4, and $8 dollar range.  The N1533 is a racerback tank that we sell for as little as 2.51 and as much as 3.39 (2XL pricing).  $2.51 for a racerback?  

But more importantly, Next Level shirts and tank tops, whatever the style, offer something more.  More quality.  We think they're one of the highest quality items we sell, and yet they don't cost, on average, any more.  

One of our employees has been wearing the 6071 triblend performance tee for 8 months.  After 8 months of washing and drying--and sweating and performing--the 6071's color still pops, the fit still fits (it hasn't shrunk or ballooned out), and the material is still solid.  That is, it doesn't show any signs of wear and tear.  And it's incredibly soft, especially for a performance tee.

So if you're looking for something that's stylish and low-priced, something you can wear everyday (not just on one family campout), let Next Level take your wardrobe to the . . . ahem . . . next, well, you know what we mean. 

A quick guide to Next Level fabrics: 

Triblend: 25% Ringspun cotton, 25% Rayon, 50% Cotton.  Soft and durable

CVC: 40% Poly, 60% Rinspun cotton. Higher percentage of cotton

Sueded Jersey: 60% Ringspun, 40% Poly. Napped finish. Soft, soft, soft

Spandex Jersey: 38% Poly, 57% Ringspun Cotton, 5% Spandex. Stretch!

Poly Cotton:  80/20, 60/40 Cotton Poly Blend. Soft and economical

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