Bulk Discounts for Bulk Threads!

Everyone likes t-shirts.  Everyone likes t-shirts at wholesale prices.  Everyone likes the cheapest price they can absolutely find--rock bottom prices that can't possibly get any bottomer.    

And then everybody likes it when they do.  Get bottomer, that is.  Or rockier. 

What we're trying to say is, even though our name brand, blank tees for incredibly cheap prices are cheaper than a bag of chips, we hear you--you're wondering if our bulk tees can get even bulkier discounts. 

We'll, we're here to tell you . . . they can! 

Here are the deets**: 

Spend Amount Discount Amount Total Price!
$1-249 0-3%, depending on item Wholesale - 0-3%!
$300+ 5% Wholesale - 5%!
$1000-1499 9% Wholesale - 9%
$1500-1999 11% Wholesale - 11%
$2000-2999 13% Wholesale - 13%
$3000+ 15% Wholesale - 15%

Additional deets:

Yes, unfortunately, we have to exclude some items** because these items are already priced way, way, way below sane pricing, and if we discounted them more we'd lose our own shirts.  

Yes, all but the ones listed below** are applied automatically.  No discount codes.  No fuss. 

Yes, if you want to buy more than $3000 worth of our amazing tees, or if you just want to ask us if we've got any super special sales, contact us.  You might be surprised by what we can do.  

Yes, we price match.  And we price beat!  So if our discounts for some completely crazy reason aren't better than our competitors, contact us.  We'll do our best to build long-term relationships and show you why we think we can make you over-the-moon happy.  See this for more info.

**The following shirts are already priced so low, they have special, exclusionary bulk discount codes that can be found on each individual page, such as "Bulk5" for 5% off $300 or more, or "Discount 7" for 7% off $1500 or more: 363, 29M, G230, G500, G500L, G500B, G800, G800B, 3931, 3930, L3930, 8800, 562M, 996Y, N1533, 5370, and 562B. Enter the appropriate discount as a coupon code during checkout. Contact us if you have questions.

Note: Using the a specific discount code will void any other automatic discount, so please purchase the exclusionary items separately.  We'll combine your orders and you won't have to pay shipping.