Cardigans aren't just for your Nanny

January 01, 2019 2 min read

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Cardigan lover who also appreciates a good deal, and not the person you see here.

Cardigans are great.  They add layers, style, and warmth, all in one comfortable package.  

In fact, ever since James Brudenell, allegedly, charged into battle during the Crimean war wearing a buttoned wool sweater that he himself had invented, Cardigans have served a useful purpose.  

Multiple purposes.  

Brudenell, also known as Lord Cardigan, liked the fact that his cardigan didn't have any tails, which meant he didn't have to worry about singeing himself if he ever stood too close to a fire. (Seriously.)  

Coco Chanel liked the fact that cardigans didn't have to be pulled over you head only to smudge your makeup.  

Kids in the 1970s and 1980s liked the fact that their favorite "neighbor," Fred Rogers, wore one practically every day.

 And we today like the fact that cardigans allow us to snuggle up to these wool or acryllic / cotton blends, three or four buttoned, long or short sweaters and sip tea or hot chocolate and feel good about how we look and what we're wearing.

As you can see, we at love our wholesale cardigans and wholesale fleeces, and we think you will too.  

Today we spotlight we the LSW415, from Port Authority. 




The Port Authority LSW415 is a 60/40 cotton acryllic blend.  It sports 6 buttons, fashioned seams, welt pockets, rib knits cuffs and a rib knit hem, the soul of Mr. Rogers and your own yacht.  (Don't quote us on that last one).

We love the wholesale LSW415 because it matches Port Authority quality with the style you're looking for--it's not a tubular umbrella, that drops straight down as though you don't have hips. 



It's not an itchy mess, like you're wearing a burlap sack. 

It's not too long, like you're wearing a blanket or a bathrobe.

It's not too short, like you're wearing a cropped hoodie and showing off your new belly-button ring. 

The LSW415 comes in 3 colors--navy marl, black marl, and warm grey marl--and our best description for how it looks is marbled.  

Unlike most of our wholesale blank t-shirts, wholesale tank tops, and wholesale polos, the LSW415 costs a decent chunk of change.  

But we think you'll like it. 

We're certain the LSW415 will have you snuggled up next to fire, scanning old channels for your favorite cardigan-loving "neighbor" or we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed. 

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