Go 'Merica! Tees Made in the US of A

December 28, 2018 2 min read

Many of our clients simply want wholesale tees at wholesale prices.  Give them a Gildan 500 for 1.89 a pop and they're happy. 

Others want something a little more complex, a little more stylish.  They're happy paying slightly higher prices for something from our good friends at Next Level or Bella+Canvas because those folks make tees that compete with any retail store at nearly any price point.  

Still others want something out of the ordinary--like camo hoodies or tie-dyes with rainbow sparkles and unicorns.  

But many, quite a few, actually, want something a little more close-to-home, so to speak.  

They want bulk t-shirts made in the USA. 





A lot of our blank t-shirts come from outside the US.  Some are designed in America and crafted in Asia, countries like the Philippines or Vietnam.  Some are designed, woven, and sold by good folk who live and work in the Great White North of Canada.

But a fair amount are conceived, knit, stitched, looped, seamed, ironed, labeled, and shipped all here, in the States.  

And that's great. 

Important note: we at bulkthreads.com love the fact that our friends and mills provide jobs to workers all over the world. Production of all kinds and textiles make up an important part of any economy.   

But we also appreciate companies that keep wages local, that hire and promote local talent, local ability, local families, local ingenuity.  

And do not and will not support unethical or illegal business practices, no matter where those practices are found. 

  • We will not support companies associated with sweatshop factories
  • We will not sell products by companies who exploit children
  • We support fair trade and fair wages

How do you feel?  Do you want tees made in the USA?  When purchasing bulk tees to promote your church, your school, your company, or your family reunion, does it matter if the pique polo you're wearing came from Los Angeles or China?  

If so, check out our new collection of tees made in the USA.  It's a small but growing collection, so check back from time to time to see what's new.  

And hit us up with any questions.  We're always happy to do what we can to connect with our friends and neighbors.

The Bulkthreads Team


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