Who We Are and What We Do

Bulkthreads.com. Wholesale Blank T-Shirts and Apparel

Here at Bulkthreads.com we have a simple mission--to offer low-cost wholesale blank t- shirts that are high-quality, brandname blank T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and fleeces.  We want to be your source for blank T-shirts and wholesale apparel, whether you're purchasing 10 T-shirts for the kiddos or 10,000 T-shirts for your business. 

Why?  Because we think we can save you money, and because we care about you. 

But we're not stopping there.  

Wholesale blank t shirts!

We're not just passionate about fair pricing and outstanding quality--we want to build a community.  

A community of like-minded people who want to share in each other's experiences and designs.  

A community of mothers, fathers, restaurant owners, reunion organizers, 5K enthusiasts, teachers, students, readers, athletes, musicians.   

A community of grandparents who want to show off the T-shirt they designed for that family vacation in Hawaii, when they packed their sunglasses and enough sunscreen for 23 grandchildren and 3 son-in-laws.  

One for embroiderers and printers.  For designers who want to show their work to the people who want to buy it, who want to discuss the concepts that drive their creative spirit or remind them that printing isn't just a job--it's an art.  

So, this is your space.  Use it.  Send us your ideas, your thoughts, your designs.  Tell us how you used our shirts.  Send us pictures of your reunion, your vacation, your Christmas party or your grand opening.  

We'll do our best to tell the world about your story, because your story is our story.


Zach and Seth, founders, Bulkthreads.com