Welcome to the Bulkthreads.com Screen Print and Embroidery Referral Program!

Hey there!  Glad you asked!

At bulkthreads.com we're doing our best to be your one-stop shop for blanks, wholesale t-shirts, wholesale polos, tanks, and hoodies, all at crazy, wholesale prices. 

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Oh, right.  

The referral program is simply this: If you like our print services and want to introduce us to someone you know--a colleague, a business partner, a friend, a local school, a neighbor--and they successfully print or embroider with us, you'll get rewarded!

Oh, you don't like suspense, huh? Well, how about this little detail: if you successfully refer a friend etc., to print with us, we'll reward you with one of the following:

1.   A Visa giftcard 

2.  A referral check

3.  An account credit  

Your choice!

Boy, you really do want the details, don't you?  

No, we'd rather not send out $1 gift cards or checks for that exact amount, because that means your referral only printed 1 tee with us. 

What that means is, the gift card amount or cash-back amount depends on the size of your referral's job--the larger their job, the larger your kickback.  Most of the time, referral fees will amount to somewhere between 8 and 10% of the profits.    

If you do the math, you can easily get a gift card for $100 or more, just for telling your friends about us!

First, tell your friends about us.  Then have them get in touch here. Make sure they reference your name!

After they do, we'll get in touch with you.  If they successfully complete a job with us, we'll let you know--in fact, we'll keep you informed the entire time!--and before you know it, you'll have your gift card, check, or account credit in your sweet little hands!

You mean, how do you know we'll actually follow through? 

Simple: we care about our customers and want to keep you happy. If you're not happy, we're not happy.  Yes, that means less money for us, but it also means we've failed to maintain good relationships, and relationships are the main reason we got into this business in the first place.

Also, let's be honest, we know you have every right to write a bad review or tell your friends NOT to use us, and if that happens we'll have to close shop and go back to our old jobs--have you been a pooper scooper for a pet shop before?  Yikes!

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