What is screen printing, anyway? And what about sublimation?

December 08, 2022 1 min read

For those wanting a quick and easy explanation, here are the basics!


  1. The screen printing screen is prepared by coating it with a light-sensitive emulsion and allowing it to dry.

  2. The stencil is placed onto the screen, and the screen is exposed to light. This hardens the emulsion and creates a negative image on the screen.

  3. The screen is washed with water, which removes the unhardened emulsion and leaves a negative image on the screen.

  4. The T-Shirt is placed onto the printing press, and the screen is carefully aligned over the T-Shirt.

  5. Ink is pushed through the screen onto the T-Shirt, transferring the image onto the fabric.

  6. The screen is lifted off the T-Shirt, and the process is repeated for each color in the design.

  7. The T-Shirt is allowed to dry, and any excess ink is removed.

  8. The finished T-Shirt is then ready for wear or sale.

Sublimation, on the other hand, is a printing technique in which a special ink is used to transfer an image onto a substrate, such as paper or fabric. The ink is a solid at room temperature, but when heated to a high temperature, it turns into a gas. This gas penetrates the pores of the substrate and solidifies, creating a permanent image. Sublimation is commonly used to print T-Shirts, mugs, and other items. It is known for producing high-quality, vibrant images that are durable and long-lasting.

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