Tiered Rates and Bulk Pricing--What's it all about?

January 15, 2018 2 min read

Business at its most fundamental level is simple--someone has something to offer, and someone else wants it.  Where business gets tricky is in the details: how much do we charge?  How do we find customers?  How do we keep track of the books?  Does our overhead supercede our profits? What if we can't keep customers?  

In the wholesaling business, where companies like bulkthreads.com hope to attract bulk buyers buying bulk apparel(take that, Dr. Seuss!), one of the best ways to entice customers is to offer tiered pricing. Some people even go so far as to say tiered pricing is essential to running your business. Everybody wins: the customer pays less while the seller sells more.  

At bulkthreads.com, however, we're trying to be a little different.  

For example, our competitors often price their tees like this: 

Purchase 1-10 tees = 2.95 per shirt
Purchase 11-49 tees = 2.75 per shirt
Purchase 50-100 tees = 2.50 per shirt
Purchase 101+ tees = 2.25 per shirt

 At bulkthreads.com, our pricing looks like this: 

Purchase 1-10 tees = 2.25 per shirt
Purchase 11-49 tees = 2.25 per shirt
Purchase 50-100 tees = 2.25 per shirt
Purchase 101+ tees = 2.25 per shirt

We pride ourselves on having the best prices, and you don't have to buy 1000 shirts from us to get them.  

Of course, like any business we have challenges.  One is and always will be shipping.  We ship your blank tees fast--most of the time, our customers get their orders within 2 business days, and that kind of service costs money.  Which is why we can't offer free shipping on small purchases, like 1 or 2 shirts. But we do offer a set rate for any order under $85 dollars and free shipping for any order above that, 

All of this is to say, we have something we'd like to sell (blank tees). And we hope you'd like to buy it (1, 10, or 100). And we're doing our best to sell it at a price that doesn't require negotiating or hassle.  

We know that we aren't the only seller of wholesale blank tees online, and we know that other companies are good folk who run good business.

But we hope you know that you don't have to do anything special to reach our lowest-tier.  We think you deserve that price from the get-go.  Or, if we have to, an even better price. Just ask

In the meantime, happy shopping.

The Bulkthreads Team

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