July 09, 2019 2 min read

Wholesale T-Shirts and Custom Tees

Interested in our screen printing Utah or embroidery services? 

A lot of you have reached out to us with great questions, the most legitimate being this: what are your prices? 

At the moment, here's the easiest way to answer that question: we're willing to beat any legitimate price. Just show us that legitimate price and we'll take it from there.  

Okay, cool, but why not just print the basic prices on your amazingly awesome website?  

That's a great question as well, and the best answer we can honestly and truly give has two parts to it: 

1. Print prices depend on several factors, such as how many colors, how many imprints, whether you need a white base beneath the print itself, whether you need a rush job or artwork done, whether your art needs to be vectored, etc.  What we've found is, most of our competitors can easily post a base price of, say, $3.00 an imprint, but it's not until you start working with them that you discover they're quoting you the price of a 1-color job. We would rather give you the best bid we can, promising that we'll do our best to beat any legitimate price from any legitimate competitor, after we get all of your details: shipping expectations, artwork needs, coloring, number of designs or imprints, etc. 

However, we can say that we'll do one-color print jobs for as little as $.60 per imprint (if you do 300+), and as high as $12 (if you only do 1).  Again, it all depends on how many imprints you need.  

2. All-inclusive prices also depend on the material you're buying.  Some of our wholesale t-shirts are priced so aggressively wholesale, we're basically giving them away.  We know that's hard to believe, but it's true--many of our styles don't qualify for bulk discounts simply because we're charging you exactly what we pay the mill.  These tees and tank tops are 100% loss leaders for us (so we hope to sell these tees and our print services to you, or least make a friend in the process). 

Other tees, however, give us a little more wiggle room, and therefore we're able to be a little more aggressive on the print prices when we know which t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, or polo you're considering.  

It's really as simple as that. 

So is it worth your time?  Isn't it easier to just see a price list and determine whether our screen print and custom tee services are as worthy as our wholesale t-shirts and wholesale polos?  

We understand if you feel that way, but we're positive that our promise to beat any legitimate price will make you very happy, and we hope that you have both the time and patience to make a human connection with us.  

Give us a chance!  We promise we'll do our best to satisfy you in all your promotional needs.

Team Print BT

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