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DTG Printing! What is it? How does it work? How much does it cost?

At bulkthreads.com, we love selling t-shirts. And we love selling them wholesale. 

But as we've said before, we want to be your one-stop-shop for all things wholesale--wholesale tees, tanks, polos, etc. 

And that means we'd love to work with you on your printing and embroidery needs, whether that involves printing a small job for your family reunion or a large job for your university, sports program, or recreation league. If you need it printed or embroidered, we're here to help. 

One method of printing that too many of our customers don't know about is what the industry calls "DTG" printing, or "Direct-to-Garment." 

Here's what one of our favorite companies, Bella+Canvas, says about DTG!


One thing that needs to be said: DTG is more expensive and takes much longer than traditional printing. 

Consider DTG for Bulk Printing

If you want a DTG bid, get in touch with us here

But, for example, a 5x8 print with a whitebase will run you around $8.30 per piece for a job of 20 pieces. 

So is this right for you? Well, that depends on several factors, like the quality of print and the number of colors. Since DTG is basically laser-jetting a "photograph" onto your shirt, you can do "unlimited" colors. Some designs, which use gradations, are essentially hundreds of colors (if not more), and thus have to use DTG printing if you want the image to look exactly like your jpeg. 

Questions? Concerns? 

Hit us up! We'd love to chat!

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