Cheap Tees vs. "Cheap Tees." Which is it?

November 16, 2017 2 min read

Most of our customers come to for our wholesale t-shirts at incredible prices. Prices that you can find here pretty much every day.  And if that's not enough, we promise to price match--or price beat--any legitimate, advertised price.  All you have to do contact us here and show us the ad.

But we all know that while everyone wants a good deal on bulk t-shirts, the old adage "you get what you pay for" is fairly axiomatic. That's true with cars, guitars, and liquor bars.

So are these cheap tees "cheap"? Are you getting high-quality items for wholesale prices, or will you be disappointed in the fit and finish of, say, the Gildan 500 from Gildan shirts, the Fruit of the Loom L39VR, or the Fruit of the Loom 3930?

We don't believe so, because we know the quality control procedures that companies like Allmade and Bella+Canvas utilize to keep their customers, and distributors, happy. 

But we also put our money where our mouth is--or our chests, so to speak--because we wear what we sell. That seems like such a simple concept, but it's true. Far too many businesses only sell a product. Just like the difference between a "house" and a "home" is the people that turn four walls into something full of cherished memories, the difference between a corporate entity and a personal business is the people running it and their passion for what they do. 

At, we love the items we sell. So much so, we wear them.  Every day. And we can vouch for their quality. 

Of course, we know that our testimonial isn't nearly as valuable as your testimonial, nor is it as valuable as actual testing.  


Send us your thoughts.  Do our shirts wear as well as we think they do?  Do they last for wash after wash after wash? Tell us what you think.  Maybe we'll send you a little something something to show our gratitude.

And check back here from time to time. We're going to do our own testing--as already evidenced by the post regarding colorfastness after 30 washes, 50 washes, etc.  We're just getting started, and we're excited for the future.  We hope you'll be a part of it too. 

Team Bulkthreads

Some of our current favorites: the DT5000

DT5000 -

The Next Level N6210

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